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Why Would a woman do this?

I’ve known a girl for a long time now. She is divorced, and she Seems willing to sit alone in an apartment never to get her feelings hurt again. She never wants her Violated trust again. She said it was violated. The source of her divorce was due to her husband looking at adult personals sites (Technically) Which devastated her. Purpose She has never Told me she Understood what she saw in the man. She divorced him for Being the “biggest mistake of her life,” as she puts it, she is the one Effective Responsible for Their starting dating, Which Lasted for about 12 years Prior to Their marriage. She got divorced and was telling me she was ready to Spend the rest of her life with another “friend” within 9 months of her divorce. To her I am her closest friend, Which is really confusing. And she is really nervous about the flaws she Sees herself around about me. She can not relax around me, and it sends out annually uncomfortable vibe. As a matter of fact She has panic attacks, she will not have one goal around me Because she thinks I’ll think she is a “freak” as she puts it. I told her I liked her, and she said she did too while looking at the floor. Effective Soon I got a little pissy with her Because she railroaded some shots of ours for this other “friend” she wants to marry. She said I devastated her. I mean she started crying and ran away because i got a little cranky tone with some wrinkles in my forehead, no yelling, no pointing, no swearing. She is in her thirties later for Pete’s sake. Is she confused? What does friend mean? Does she like me? It’s so damn confusing Because she will not respond to anything in detail and with specifics. I’ve basically insulted her on purpose sometimes, and she completely ignored it. I mean it makes me feel like someone Does not care at all if They Never get defensive or argumentative, upset, or something with you. What is the deal? I feel like a meaningless source of entertainment to this girl, but I do not want to totally put her out in case I am her closest friend. I got her mad one time though, she cam down stairs and angry with all this make up on and tight jeans on like it was some kind of break up. And the whole time she Told me I was just a friend anyway, and she liked That She Meant me in the way like a friend who is a guy but “like one of the girls.” How confusing. I just care way too much I think sometimes. I do not know. If she really is not mentally well (Towards full respect anyone with real problems of course) I do not want to hurt her in anyway (she takes meds for anxiety). But I can not tell man, this is hard Because I’ve known her my whole life Almost. Ekto, she will only email me. She never calls me. Actually she cried on me one time, telling me she was overwhelmed with like and She Had no plan ever. She said if I wanted to do something give her a call, and I did because i felt bad. When We have discussions, she just says lets not talk about it and gets real emotional. with “life” not like, whoops.


  1. She takes you for granted, unfortunately.
    What happens if you are unavailable a little bit.
    Will she seek you out?

    When you said “she came downstairs angry with all this makeup on and tight jeans on like it was some kind of breakup”, I had that a few times! Wow, it was scary!

    It will be easy to have a conversation and ask her, but it might make things between you bad. I just wonder if you ignore her a little without being nasty, what she will do. If she thinks you have someone else and are no longer available, it might make her react. If she does not, then she is definately not interested in you.

  2. DAMN, idk.. She obviously tried to make you jealous with the whole makeup, and tight jean thing.. and i can tell she gotta thing for you. Maybe shes just scared to rush into something with you.. maybe she looks at you for something you’ve done in the past, and she cant get past it. Sit her down, tell her how much you care about her.. and you would never do anything to hurt her.
    wish i could help more, but girl sounds like she got some problems.

    Goodluck.. -Sherri

  3. she likes you man she might be scared to lose you.you sound like a good man and she dont want to hurt your feelings this woman is hurt inside and it takes a lot to heal you know I said just pe patient and she will realize how happy you could make her I hope you can work out things with her good luck

  4. well 1st of all do NOT be mean to her! I don’t know if she likes you, why don’t you ask her so that you’ll know? Just say “I want to be with you, I love you, and I want you to love me the way that I love you” then see what she says. Also, ask her about her “friend” ask her what she likes about the guy, and ask her to shed light on your situation… are you just friends? is she interested? is she crazy? does she need to see a doctor? Just ask her. I cant imagine that she would get upset, since she never gets defensive or argumentative. If she doesn’t answer and gives you more weird vibes then there you have it… she’s crazy.

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