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Why Would yahoo delete my question?. . . . ?

“Are There and Dating Sites or ‘Adult Personals’ That Are Actually Free?” That was my question. . . Why Would THEY delete that?! i mean. . . I Would not Think It Would offend anyone. . . I’ve seen Worse That hasnt beens deleted. . . anyone know why?


  1. I don’t know why. Check the cummunity rules thing.

  2. ive seen much worse… like here…


    there is no rhyme or reason…. its very very irritating and will ultimately drive away a lot of people from this site

  3. I dont Know mommy

  4. one dating site or for friends is…. my space.com

  5. yeah i know there @ssholes LOL it happens tho i’ve had like 3 questions deleted so i know how u feel.

  6. It’s because a bunch of narrow-minded control freaks reported your question. There is no reasoning with the BOT that handles these things. However, you can click on “Forum” and post a message there about it. One of the top 5 threads on the message forum list is meant for situations like yours.

  7. because nu thing is free !!!

  8. If they are inappropriate or they are making no sense nor that they need to make room or when some one suggest that the question be remove. You may also want to email yahoo about your question to9 further asset you.

  9. Don’t take it personal, we all feel shafted after getting a violation. It’s not personal, it’s a soulless ‘Filter Program’, a program that flags a word, a series of words or phrases, then sends you an automatic violation (Yahoo! apologizes for this imperfect filter). And don’t blame it on ‘Reporting’. Reporting does nothing, it’s just a button that does nothing, it’s like a button that’s not hooked up to anything, it’s just to make the reporter feel good (a feel good button). Just think about all of the questions and answers that are entered on Yahoo! Answers every second. Do you really think there are actual people monitoring each and every one of them?…one in every ten?…one in every hundred?…one in every thousand?…one in every ten thousand? Most of us have gotten these violations, some of us more than others (Yes, we know who we are), but eventually everyone will get one, or more.

    If you feel you have to make amends for your violation, then you must throw yourself on your sword to appease the Yahoo! Answers Gods.
    Otherwise, carry on, and at least appear to be having fun.
    Hark! I hear the Yamster patrol coming now. The Yamster Sargent is yelling “ALL BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE, UNTIL MORAL IMPROVES”. Quick, everybody smile and look happy.

  10. Because, potentially, a troll said it was so. and since it is strictly automated, no Y!A staff member sees it before it goes out

  11. coz they dont look at it…. if someone reports it, its almost always automatically deleted

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