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Yahoo Personals: A Gateway to Cheating on your Spouse?

We have Suffered, world over, fom the mis-use of Yahoo Personals dating web sites and similar. The fault lays with members who mis-Represent Their marital status and the fools They pull into Their personal “hidden” Personal Yahoo paid accounts. The Site Has Made it so easy, and terribly inviting for pedifiles, or the lonely middle aged men to “surf” the web and get trapped into situations They Do not Have the morals, commitment to Their wives, families or the decency to avoid. Many of the respondendents Were underage, foreign or trying to get money out of an old man. They got my house and I was left homeless. Thank you, Yahoo Personals! There is NO way to report this kind of deviant behavior to you, I tried. Does it make a profit for your company. Profits are the bottom line, as in Any Business. To those “searching”, be careful of what you “find” on Yahoo Personals! Yahoo Personals is a 1st door to a world of porn and cheating, I was left homeless, thank you Yahoo!


  1. damn your doing pretty good for a homeless man on the web, it must be nice.

  2. You can not blame a website for your misfortunes. You are dealing with human beings here. Now, if your husband cheated on you and left you with nothing, too bad for you, but not the websites fault.

    Oh, did you have a question in there somewhere when you were up on your soapbox?

  3. Brutally Honest

    Hhhhmmmmm…and WHY are you attacking Yahoo in particular? How about Adult FriendFinder.com, or eHarmony? Or any of the other “dating” websites. The owners of those sites cannot control the people who use them…the people must police themselves. If the person is so unscrupulous as to represent him- or herself as being unmarried when he or she is actually, then that’s certainly no one’s fault but the person misrepresenting him- or herself.

  4. Before there were yahoo personals, there were bars, and people who have wanted to cheat have always managed to find a way to do so.

    A personals website is not going to induce a person who is married and of sound moral character to go in search of other women or children.

    While I appreciate your disgust for the people who misrepresent themselves (as single when they are married) or any other form of misrepresentation, give the gals out there a little credit. It really doesn’t take much to spot one of these creeps, and there are tale/tale signs that are dead giveaways.

    Folks, there is a golden rule in this life. “If it sounds too good to be true…… it probably is”.

  5. How exactly did Yahoo Personals cause you to lose your home? I don’t see the connection between cheating and losing your home.

  6. Yes, many dating websites attract people whose motives are suspect, to put it mildly. I know one lady who met someone from such a website, and he turned out to be nothing but a predator, very much older than his profile, and certainly old enough to know exactly what he was doing.

    I don’t know how things got so out of hand that they got your house. I am really sorry you were left homeless. And I wish you better times in the future.

  7. I feel sorry for your situation but SCREW YOU!!! Don’t talk down about Yahoo. That’s called Shooting the Messenger, and if your man was stupid enough to fall for a scam DON’T BLAME YAHOO FOR IT. Biach.

  8. wait a minute…..married people are on Yahoo personals? what am i doing here?

  9. If someone is going to cheat, they will cheat whether they have the internet or not. It is not the websites that are out there that are to blame. It is people with low morals.

  10. Oh, my, you must be a gullible man. It is extremely easy to find out if someone is what they represent themselves to be. And you sent money to some one? Just how stupid are you? Do you respond as well to those idiots who offer to share their millions with you but they can’t bet it out of Africa, unless you help with mega buckos??? Gee, sir, how utterly sad for your inability to ferret out fraud.
    From personal experience I had met several men thru Yahoo Personals, all were what they said they were. The man I have been with for now into the third year was indeed who and what he said he was…he was even more!!! As well, I met a nut case, just like someone who might be sitting next to me in church.

  11. I somehow understand your angst. I had an ex who was doing the same shady sh*t. She had yahoo! personals, adultfriendfinder, hi5, and some military singles BS. All the while, I had no clue, then I found out after the fact… I hope she miscarries or has some current string of back luck get extended

  12. Wow. Yahoo did all that to you? What a shame. Let me know who at Yahoo is behind this devious act and I will get my gun cleaned. This is outrageous. Oh, by the way. Stop blaming a damn company for your misfortunes. There are people who have had similar misfortunes who don’t even own a computer. Move on and good luck.

  13. I disagree. We all have choices, and some people are so lonely that they lose their sense of reasoning. I run a dating service and there is no way that you can screen married people, but we do not accept nude photography and any inappropriate behaviour is reported to us and we delete profiles very quickly. We also do not accept Nigerian ads or Russian as they are known to be con artists, scammers and spammers. You can not blame a dating service for trying to help people find their love match. You did the searching and replied to people, Yahoo did not match you up to this person.

    I am still wondering how on earth someone could have gotten your house! It sounds like you made some very, very bad choices and need to blame someone. Dating services are there to help people and there are thousands of success stories, but for the bad stories like this – it is because you made a mistake and chose the wrong people and did not check them out. Not sure why you never did a background check, I would before I ever let anyone into my home

  14. A homeless man with access to the internet interesting. However, YOU chose to put your faith into those you put your faith into. That isn’t Yahoo’s fault that is YOUR fault. Obviously you don’t take responsiblity for YOUR actions or OUR choices so basically you deserve what you got. It’s called Karma.

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